In the center of Place de Vance in Paris, France, there is a magical musical fountain. It is a masterpiece of the artist Agam, also named after Agam. Agam’s skillful control of various art forms and methods has formed his diverse style of works. Agam is more versatile than other artists. He is an artist, philosopher, poet, and educator. His art categories include oil painting, decorative painting, illustration, animation, sculpture, building exterior wall decoration design, urban fountain works and other categories.

    The design works of Agam Music Fountain are composed of ground fountains, automatic control nozzles, spotlights, underground multi-speed water pumps, electronic consoles, spark nozzles and other parts. The fountain is 50 meters long and is inlaid with 86 Venetian enamel tiles of different colors and tones. A pool of clear water, with various large sculptures, is very spectacular. In this work, 66 nozzles are arranged in an “S” shape, spraying a 1-15 meter high water column, which can perform Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue”, Tchaikovsky’s “Symphony of Sadness”, and Pepan There are more than ten wonderful programs including “Water Ballet” with Alonad. As the music changes, the water column sometimes sings and dances, and sometimes it towers high, and there are bright sparks among the colorful water columns. Sparks are ejected from a special spark jet tube, intertwined with water, and the landscape is wonderful. This work integrates sound, optics, and vision, and uses modern machinery, electronics, sculpture, gardens and other technical means to create an all-round audio-visual feast.

    During the free performances on Friday and Saturday nights in the summer and autumn seasons, hundreds of spotlights in the pool will be bright. When the dance music of “Water Ballet” is played on the poolside, dozens of self-controlling nozzles follow the music. Playing the water jets of different heights, the music is mighty and majestic, the water jets are upright and high, and the sound is like golden drums, and the power is like a thousand horses; when the soft and lyrical serenade is broadcast, the water jets sing and dance, and the water splashes. In the middle of the colorful water column, the dazzling sparks from the spark nozzles compete with the water. Beautiful music, colorful fountains, brilliant sparks, all these make the Agam fountain and the surrounding landscape fountain construction environment integrated.

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