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Dry Fountain

A dry fountain is also known as an interactive fountain, while the interaction between the user and the systems comes to the fore with this type of fountain. And then, these are fountains designed to be in constant contact with visitors. And on this page, you can see the details of what our company can give you about the dry fountain.

Dry Deck Fountain

What Can We Do About Dry Fountain?

  • Design

Our company has extensive experience designing dry fountains, a professional fountain design team, and a keen insight into following industry trends. Thus, we could always meet customers’ requirements and design fountains in distinct patterns.

  • Delivery&Installation

The Best Water Fountain is a professional engineering service company so we will provide a range of services, from shipping fountains’ equipment to the destination to the installation of all the projects. For the whole process, there will be professional engineers in charge.

  • After-sales service and quality assurance

After completing the fountain project, our company will also provide comprehensive after-sales service, such as training local staff on operating the fountain, carrying out the usual maintenance, and solving simple technical and equipment problems.

Dry Fountain Reall Effect

Why Choose Us?

  • Advanced Technology

Our fountains come with a high level of automation, which allows the creation of different varieties of water displays following the installed features, the area in which they are located, and the operation programming.

  • Abundant Experience

Our company focuses on the construction of fountain engineering, with a lot of experience in building fountains, not only dry fountains but also music fountains, dance fountains, and so on. (If you want to know about more project cases, please click fountain cases.)  Please believe that we can provide you with the best service!

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Why Choose Dry Fountains?

  • More Flexible

When the dry fountain is not in use, which could be used for pedestrians to walk without blocking the traffic, while the dry deck fountain not only does not occupy the leisure space but also can the fountain, provides a place near the water for the tourist to play.

  • Less Installation Condition Is Required

The dry fountain means placing fountain facilities underground, with nozzles and lighting installed in the net cover below, so it is more suitable to install in a budget space that is not large, or the depth of the pool needs to be deeper to install water fountains.

  • More Interactive

Dry fountains are also called interactive fountains, so they are more interactive and entertaining than musical fountains (If you want to know more details about musical fountains please click musical fountain) and are better suited for installation in places that need a lively atmosphere, such as parks or entertainment venues.

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