Dancing Fountain

The dancing fountain provides an attractive feature and beautiful choreography, providing incredibly moving and uplifting entertainment.

Type of dancing fountain

1. Silent Dancing Fountain

This type of fountain will use CNC nozzles to spray water and coordinate with colorful lights to exercise and show the full effect of choreography. The silent dancing fountain was always built outdoors, and its size was much smaller. Furthermore, it’s similar to a dry fountain. If you want to know more about dry fountains, please click dry fountain.


2. Musical Dancing Fountain

This type of fountain will combine music, lights, and water. The fountains are always built outside to attract visitors, using rhythm music and colorful lights to make a musical dancing fountain. They use advanced and complex technology to install the laser and fountain jets underwater.

2.The water fountain light show at night
Dancing Fountain Show with Colorful Lights

Why Construct A Dancing Fountain?

1. Improve environment quality:

 The fountain always with musical sounds and colorful lights could make the environment around the music fountain more vivid and comfortable so that people feel relaxed and happy.

2. Economic benefit:

The dancing fountain always constructs in the shopping mall or the city park to attract more people. According to our research, the whole process of the fountain construction will attract more people, which could bring more economic value.

3. Landmark building:

The large dancing fountain could become a landmark building and even a city attraction.

Let the experts build high-quality dancing fountains

The Best Water Show Company is a specialist in fountain construction. There are many reasons why you choose us:

1. Extensive fountain project experience:

We already have 18 years of fountain design and construction experience. During that time, we finished a lot of fountain project cases. If you want to know more details, please click fountain cases.

2. Professional dancing fountain design and installation team:

We not only have a very mature team of designers but also possess many professional installation engineers.  After the design department works out the project plan, we will send engineers to the installation site to assist with the whole process of installation.

3. Reliable after-sales service guarantee:

We can guarantee one hundred percent of the product quality of the fountain project designed and installed by our company. At the same time, in order to let customers rest assured that we will also provide lifelong after-sales service.

How to customize a fountain project?

Firstly, customers should provide the local site size and the surrounding environment condition. After that, they could communicate with designers and engineers to decide the dancing fountain’s shape and size.

Secondly, the customer describes the desired effect, choosing the nozzle and equipment. And then, we make a quotation based on the above information and the customer’s budget.

Finally, our team will choreograph the dancing fountain, and the appropriate music will be chosen. Because the music has to be in sync with the dance to bring out the best in the water show.

Silent Dancing Fountain

In conclusion, there are many benefits to building a dancing fountain. If you want to customize a unique one, don’t hesitate to contact us now!

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