Musical Fountain

Sichuan Best Water Show Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional fountain company, and on this page, we will introduce everything about our company’s musical fountain to you.

Why Need a Musical Fountain?

The musical fountain is a unique presence than other outdoor decorations. Not only because it may constitute the main body’s scenic spot and become the landscape C position, but it can also decorate and evoke other landscapes. And then the combination of static scenery and active waterscape can make the static and dynamic picture more vivid, rich, and colorful, and the variety of static waterscapes can make the scenery more tranquil, stable, and complementary, avoiding boredom. Meanwhile, many scenic spots can be connected to form a scenic area through it, thus playing a role in guiding tourists to win.

2.The water fountain light show at night

Why Choose Us?

  • Professional Engineering Service Process

Best Water Fountain is an engineering service company with 18 years of experience, and we already have a complete engineering service process. Therefore from musical fountain design to installation, we can provide customers with one-step and professional services.

(If you want to know more details about our service process, please click here.)

  • Independence Team of Designers

Best Water Fountain has an independent design team and our designers with a unique aesthetic that has been professionally studied and trained. So they could design unique music fountains and water shows according to the project site environment and customer requirements.

  • Assisted Installation Service

When the project enters the installation stage, we will send professional engineers to the site to assist workers in installation.

  • Excellent After-sales Service

After finishing the project, we will supply a lifetime warranty and teach local staff how to operate and maintain the musical fountain.

Factors to Consider When constructing a Musical Fountain

Constructing a musical fountain requires considering many conditions, such as the city’s historical and cultural background, space available, and natural climate conditions and so on.

  • Space and Surrounding Environment

The size and shape are the primary consideration condition. Firstly, we will advise the customer on the location to see if it is suitable to install the music fountain. Next, according to the surrounding environment combined with the landscape and human factors to design the right musical fountain.

(Consider another floor fountain if space is too limited for a musical fountain.)

  • Construction Purposes

We will design different musical fountains and choreograph water dancing to match the musical according to customers’ requirements. For example, if the musical fountain project is located in a shopping mall to attract visitors, we will construct a musical fountain with dynamic music and colorful lights.


Our specialists will assess the current situation, offer fountain options, select the optimal composition of equipment, visualize the future fountain, and provide a full range of installation and commissioning services.

Our services include fountain design, manufacturing, on-site installation, guidance, operation & maintenance training, and lifelong technical support.

Our engineers have rich experience with overseas projects and could send them abroad for construction anytime for guide installation and programming, debugging, training, and operation. We offer clients affordable and economical construction services.

The construction of the fountain always begins with a discussion and a design phase. You can click here to contact us.

It depends on the characteristics of the fountain, like dimensions, the number of fountain nozzles, form, type, etc., so we have many variations for you. Our managers will make a suitable decision. If you want to know more details, please get in touch with us, and our engineers will give you a quotation.

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