Top 10 Best Dancing Fountains In Egypt

Egypt, known for its ancient pyramids and rich cultural history, is also home to some spectacular modern attractions. One of the most captivating experiences for visitors and locals alike is the sight of dancing fountains. These marvels of water, light, and music provide a mesmerizing display that blends artistry with engineering. Here are the top 10 best dancing fountains in Egypt that you shouldn’t miss:


  1. Cairo Festival City Mall Fountain, Cairo

Located in the heart of New Cairo, the dancing fountain at Cairo Festival City Mall is a must-see attraction. This stunning fountain features daily shows that combine synchronized water jets, colorful lights, and music. The performances vary, showcasing different themes and music genres, making each visit unique.


  1. Al-Azhar Park Fountain, Cairo

Situated in one of Cairo’s largest parks. The fountain’s expansive layout and high-tech design offer breathtaking shows that attract visitors from all over the country. Its dazzling displays of light and water make it a perfect spot for evening entertainment.


  1. Soho Square Dancing Fountain, Sharm El Sheikh

This is one of the most famous dancing fountains in Egypt. The fountain’s performances are synchronized with music and lights, providing a delightful ambiance for shoppers and diners. It’s a perfect place to relax and enjoy a spectacular water show.


  1. Porto Marina Fountain, North Coast

Located on the beautiful Mediterranean coast, Almaza Bay is known for its luxurious resorts and pristine beaches. The dancing fountain here is a highlight, offering nightly shows that entertain guests with a captivating blend of water choreography, lighting effects, and music. It adds a touch of magic to the serene seaside environment.


  1. Dream Park Dancing Fountain

Dream Park, Egypt’s largest amusement park, features an exciting dancing fountain that adds to the park’s lively atmosphere. The fountain’s shows are designed to entertain visitors of all ages, with vibrant displays that sync with popular music tracks. It’s a great attraction for families visiting the park.


  1. Porto Marina Resort

In the North Coast’s Porto Marina Resort, the dancing fountain is a central attraction. The fountain’s shows are a fusion of water, lights, and music that captivate the audience. The scenic backdrop of the marina and the Mediterranean Sea enhances the visual appeal of the performances.


  1. Makadi Water World

Makadi Water World in Hurghada is not just about thrilling water rides; it also features a stunning dancing fountain. The shows at Makadi Water World combine dynamic water movements with colorful lights and music, creating a mesmerizing experience for visitors after a day of fun in the sun.


  1. Mall of Egypt Fountain

The Mall of Egypt, located in 6th of October City, offers a fantastic dancing fountain experience. Positioned in the mall’s outdoor plaza, the fountain’s performances are a hit among shoppers and visitors. The combination of water jets, lights, and music provides a delightful spectacle that complements the mall’s modern architecture.


  1. El Gouna Downtown Fountain

El Gouna, a resort town on the Red Sea, features a charming dancing fountain in its downtown area. The fountain’s shows are an attraction for both tourists and residents, offering a peaceful yet captivating display of water and light. The serene environment of El Gouna adds to the allure of the fountain’s performances.


  1. Wadi Degla Club Fountain, Maadi

Located in a prominent club. The amazing setting allows for unique lighting effects that create an immersive experience. The fountain’s shows, synchronized with music and lights, provide a magical escape for children and adults alike.



Egypt’s dancing fountains are a testament to the country’s blend of ancient tradition and modern innovation. These fountains offer a delightful experience, bringing people together to enjoy the harmonious dance of water, light, and music. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, these top 10 dancing fountains in Egypt are sure to leave you spellbound. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness these spectacular shows during your next visit to the land of the pharaohs.

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