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Dancing fountain in Guiyang, China

Situated at Guiyang Airport in China, the Circular Dancing Fountain project spans an expansive 50*50 meters. This meticulously designed installation incorporates a range of cutting-edge elements, including Classic Nozzles, One-Dimensional Nozzles, 2D Swing Nozzle, Laminar Jet, LED Stainless Steel Underwater Light, DMX Lights, Water Pumps, an Audio System, and a sophisticated Control System.

Endorsed by the government, this project extends complimentary admission to all citizens. Its purpose transcends mere adornment of the airport; rather, it aspires to establish a distinguished landmark in Guiyang. To achieve this, the design seamlessly integrates local characteristics and features a central sculpture of ‘GY’ within the heart of the fountain structure.

Guiyang Tianhetan Musical Fountain

Nestled within the scenic expanse of Tianhetan in Guiyang, this enchanting musical fountain beckons visitors with its harmonious spectacle. Tianhetan, recognized as a 4A-level scenic spot in China, annually attracts a myriad of tourists. In an endeavor to cultivate a vibrant tourist hub and enhance the city’s visual allure, the government orchestrated the development of this extraordinary musical fountain project.

Covering an impressive area of 50*25, the fountain adopts a distinctive form, presenting itself as a lengthy strip adorned with a captivating circular graphic design. The ensemble of features encompasses Classic Nozzles, 3D Nozzles, Laminar Jumping Jets, Underwater Lights, Laser Lights, Water Pumps, LED Lights, and more. Facilitating seamless orchestration, a CNC system empowers centralized control of the entire fountain, operated through a meticulously configured master control equipment.

Water Curtain Projection Fountain Project in Chengdu, Sichuan

Positioned in the heart of Chengdu’s bustling shopping district in Sichuan, China, this innovative project graces the landscape with a captivating musical fountain. Initiated by the shopping mall owner, the fountain serves a dual purpose – not only enhancing the environmental aesthetics but also acting as a magnet to draw in more patrons and increase foot traffic.

Spanning dimensions of 30*15, the project boasts a design featuring three side-by-side circles. Incorporating an array of elements such as 1D nozzles, 3D nozzles, classic nozzles, laser lights, LED lights, underwater lights, and advanced CNC equipment, it stands as a testament to cutting-edge engineering. Additionally, the project showcases a waterscreen movie installation, seamlessly merging light, water dance, and stunning visual effects for an immersive experience.

3D Renderings

Musical Fountain 3D Renderings are digital representations of choreographed fountains synchronized with music, created using advanced 3D rendering technology. They help visualize and refine fountain designs before actual construction, showcasing water displays and lighting effects in a lifelike manner.


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